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Military Chest
Dear Collectors,

The time has come to lower the lid on the Military Chest, the website will close at the end of July.

The website has served its purpose in enabling two old collectors to sell items surplus to their collections and avoid the excessive fees charged by auctioneers and eBay. Please look at the Past Sales section for some of our highlights.

We will both remain active in our collecting, and would be delighted to hear from you, Tony with his interests in nineteenth century militaria especially US, French and Royal Navy items, and Keith who is interested in the LRDG, PPA and all other WWII Allied and Axis special forces.

We would like to thank everyone who has purchased from us and wish them well for the future.

Enjoy the hobby, Tony & Keith

Code: 53585Price: On Request

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19th Century Royal Navy Officer Sword Belt
A fine condition Royal Navy officers sword belt of folded glazed black leather complete with sword straps and brass fitting. The brass buckle is of the standard circular pattern having a fouled anchor beneath a Victorian crown within a full surround of laurel leaves

Code: 53624Price: 100.00 GBP

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France 1914-1918. Adrian Helmet & Cover
A relic condition French Adrian Helmet and cover displaying all the rigours of being found  in a 1st world war bunker some years ago. Helmet is fairly sound but rusty, no liner remaining but with 50% of its inner corrugated metal lining. The khaki cover of four machine sewn segments is still in fair order although stained by rust bleed, but without its draw string that has since rotted away

Code: 53623Price: 55.00 GBP

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USA 1870s. Fraternal Uniform Insignia
A small grouping of various Fraternal uniform Insignia representing “ Knights of Pythias, Columbus and Templars, consisting of three mixed pairs of military officer rank shoulder straps and a pair of 1870’s military style “paddle” style shoulder knots. All having rich scarlet velvet centres within silver wire embroidered borders or plaited knots of silver cable braid. All in excellent condition

Code: 53622Price: 65.00 GBP

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USA 1902. Three Infantry Officer Insignias
Three single 1902 pattern bronzed USA Infantry Officer crossed carbine collar insignia for the following departments; Commissary, General Adjutants and Quartermaster Departments.
In excellent condition

Code: 53620Price: 30.00 GBP

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Wanted - LRDG, PPA, ILRS, etc...
Wanted: Allied & Axis special forces units of 1939-1945. Especially those deployed in North Africa, the Aegean and Mediterranean theaters.
Units such as the Long Range Desert Group, Indian Long Range Squadron, Popski’s Private Army, Libyan Arab Force, Layforce, Middle East Commando, Special Boat Squadron, Sacred Squadron, Raiding Support Regiment, Special Air Service, Land Forces Adriatic, 2, 9 & 40 Commando, 2nd Independent Para Brigade, Jugoslavia AOL, Italian F Recce, Nembo Regiment, Partisans, SOE, Cichociemni, OSS, First Special Service Force. Italian Saharina Companies, Arditi, Centro Miliare, PAI, Xa Mas, Falgore Paras, 288 Sonderverbande, Brandenburg, Kleinkamphverbande, Sonderverbande Dora, Fallschirmjager. Also, from the Far East the Imperial Japanese Army & Marine Parachute units, Teishin Shudan, Yokosuka SNLFs, Chindits, V Force, MPAJA, D Force, 153 Para, etc.
Also Chaplains, War Correspondents, Film, Photographic, Entertainment, War Trials, and Propaganda units
In addition, from the 1914-1918 war: Imperial Camel Corps, Light Car Patrols, Hejaz Armored Car Company, TE Lawrence, etc.
Cloth and metal insignias, headdress, medals, uniforms, documents, photographs, specialist equipment. Anything considered…thank you

Please contact:

Code: 53610Price: On Request

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Wanted - Leon Micciollo - French Colonel of Spahis
We would like to locate the owner or know the whereabouts of the uniform of Colonel Micciollo which was sold in Hermann Historica auction of April 14 & 15, 2008.
As owners of the Major Micciollo medals, documents, photographs and dress uniforms we would like to contact and share information with the owner.

Thank you for looking your help is appreciated

Code: 53609Price: On Request

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Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry Officer Coatee 1840
An early Victorian Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry short tailed officer coatee, the pattern worn from 1830 to 1847. The body of fine scarlet melton wool cloth with collar, cuffs, and false turn-backs of black wool. The collar and cuffs trimmed with flat silver lace. Double breasted. One button missing, a small area of moth tracking, and pin hole size damage. Quilted inner and false silk lining virtually intact. Silver and bullion epaulettes missing and not included

Code: 53611Price: 850.00 GBP

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East Lothian Yeomanry Officer Shell Jacket
19th century East Lothian Yeomanry Officer "shell" jacket. Of fine scarlet wool cloth. Having black faced collar and cuffs, decorated with gold lace which follows around all leading edges. With front fastening hooks and eyes which are hidden by a line of seed buttons. On each shoulder scales of chain link brass, with crescent centres and applied initials ELY with a silver laurel surround. The jacket is early post-Crimea period.
Generally in good condition with a few pin-prick size moth holes.

Code: 53613Price: 400.00 GBP

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USA 1860s. Civil War Presentation Sword
A once beautiful Union Officers presentation sword with on the grip of brass in relief a maiden of liberty beneath a halo of stars holding a stars and stripes shield in her left hand and a staff and serpent in her right hand. To the reverse, also in deep relief, a small sword and shield within a surround of floriated work. The brass sword guard has an eagle challenging a serpent, the head of which is now missing, with its tail end wrapped around the letter “U” and a sprig of laurel entwined around the Letter “S”. The blade which was once heavily engraved of a patriotic nature has now been obliterated by heavy pitting, is a German import as there remains but barely visible a part name, “…CLAUS….”.As an interesting Civil War relic.

Code: 53619Price: 500.00 GBP

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