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1800 King George III Preserved from Assassination Medal
Brass gilt 38mm, by P Kempson. Obverse Crown below rays with wreath entwined with a ribbon inscribed GOD GIVE PRAISE. PRESERVED FROM ASSASSINATION. MAY 15 1800. Reverse Angel kneeling on a cloud holding a plaque bearing the portrait of the king and protecting it from an arrow by a shield, text GOD SAVE THE KING.
On May 15, 1800 the king, queen and princesses visited Drury Lane Theatre. James Hatfield, a discharged soldier, fired a pistol towards the royal box. Captured and tried Hadfield was found not guilty but insane.
In Nearly Extremely Fine condition

Code: 53162Price: 15.00 GBP

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1759 British Victories Medal by Kirk
Bronze 44 mm by J Kirk. Obverse bust of HM George II, text GEORGIVS II REX. Reverse a central shield with an inverted lily inscribed around garter PERFIDIA EVERSA, below a ribbon inscribed W PITT AUSP. GEO. II PR.MI., around campaigns with respective commanders: QUEBEC WOLFE MONCKN. TOWNSD. SEP 13 & 18./ CROWN POINT AMHERST AUG.4 / LAGON BOSCAWEN AUG. 19 / MINDEN FERDINAND AUG. 1./ GUADALOUPE BARING. MOORE MAY.1./ NIAGARA IOHNSON IULY. 25 / HAWKE QUIBERON NOV. 20. MDCCLIX
Eimer 677, MI 708/444. In Generally Very Fine Condition

Code: 53161Price: 38.00 GBP

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Germany. 1757 Battles of Rosbach and Lissa Medal
Bronze 48m. Obverse Frederick II on horse with sword with forest, tents and Cavalry in background, text FREDERIC DG BORVS RFX ET PROTESTANTI M DEFENSOR. LISSA DEC 5. Reverse a battle scene, cavalry, smoke etc. Text, QUO NIHL MAJUS MELIUSVE. ROSBACH NOV 5 1757. Frederick II or Frederick the Great (1712-1786) King of Prussia 1748-86. Formed an alliance with England in 1756 marking the beginning of the Seven Years war. MI 684/492.
In Generally Very Fine condition

Code: 53160Price: 18.00 GBP

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1649 Charles I Supporters Medal
Bronze 32 x 29mm. Obverse crowned portrait of HM Charles I, text CAROLUS I. Reverse. Portrait of HRH Henrietta, text HENRIETTA MARIA.
A supporters medal and touch-piece from the English Civil War.
In Fine condition

Code: 53159Price: 55.00 GBP

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1650 Dunbar Medal & Military Reward
Eighteenth century striking. Obverse: Oliver Cromwell, with the battle behind, text THE LORD OF HOSTS. WORD AT DVNBAR. SEPTEMBER:Y 3 1650. Reverse Parliament assembled.
Original medals are exceedingly rare but when the original dies were discovered in the eighteenth century, a number of medals were restruck. This was the first occasion of medals being distributed to officers and men alike, though it is unlikely that a general distribution took place. The Scottish Presbyterian army of some 20,000 men commanded by David Leslie threatened to invade England. They had scores to settle, not least that Cromwell had executed their King, Charles I in 1649. In consequence they had crowned as king his son, Charles II. Fairfax, who commanded the smaller Parliamentary army of 16,000 men, refused to cross the border to attack them, though he would have led his army against them had they invaded. Fairfax resigned his command, and Cromwell was appointed Commander-in-Chief, or Lord General. Cromwell crossed the border into Scotland in June, but sickness in the ranks forced him to withdraw to the plain of Dunbar. Leslie expected him to withdraw to the supply ships and came down from his defensive position in the hills. Cromwell saw his chance and attacked. That night he wrote to Speaker Lenthall “The best of the enemy’s horse being broken through and through in less than an hour’s dispute, their whole army being put into confusion, it became a total rout: our men having the chase and execution of them nearly eight miles”. On September 7 the Commons resolved “…that their special thanks be conveyed to the Lord-General for his eminent services at the great victory of Dunbar, and that His Excellency be desired to return their thanks also to the officers and soldiers of the army, and that a number of silver and gold medals be distributed amongst them”. Cromwell suggested the design and Thomas Simon was specially ordered by Parliament to proceed to Scotland to take the “effigies, portrait or statue of the Lord General to be placed on the medal”. Large size 34 x 28.5mm, lead 11gm. M.I. 392/14.
Very Fine condition

Code: 53158Price: 50.00 GBP

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France 1939-1945. Medal Group with Service Certificate & Photo
Group of medals mounted with service certificate and photograph to a Prisoner of War. Comprising: France War Service 1939-1945 medal; France Prisoner of War medal. Medals mounted with portrait photograph of the recipient in uniform, and service certificate with: "Clauord Hippolyte, Classe 1937. Soldat 122er R.A.R., Campagne de France, Prisonnier le 12 Juin 1940. Commando 233. Repatrie 1945".
Certificate backed on card, in very good condition

Code: 53157Price: 55.00 GBP

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USA. Civil War Seaman's Discharge Certificate
1862 dated Seaman's discharge document of George Gilderson.
Signed by the ship’s Captain and Paymaster. Attractive eagle and sailing ship design.
In Very Good Condition

Code: 53155Price: 15.00 GBP

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50-52 Middle East Commando Badge 1940-1942
A scarce original example of the Middle East Commando headdress badge cast in brass with copper lugs.
The Middle East Commando was a battalion sized British Commando unit of the British Army during the Second World War. The Commando was formed in the Middle East from the survivors of the Layforce Commando unit. In December 1940 a Middle East Commando depot was formed with the responsibility of training and supplying reinforcements for the Commando units in the Middle East. The Middle East Commando was disbanded in 1942. The badge design was of the distinctive knuckleduster fighting knife that was issued to the Commandos.
In Very Good Condition

Code: 53154Price: 165.00 GBP

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Sherwood Foresters Headdress Badge 1901-1910
The Sherwood Foresters, Notts & Derbyshire Regiment Edwardian headdress badge in bi-metal, Imperial crown, Notts & Derby on scroll. K&K 662. With copper lugs.
In very good condition

Code: 53153Price: 12.00 GBP

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Highland Regiment Headdress Badge 1939-1945
1939-1945 War raised unit. In white metal. K&K 2023.
One Missing, priced accordingly, otherwise in very good condition

Code: 53152Price: 12.00 GBP

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