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Victoria Cross group of Private Patrick Fitzpatrick, 94th Regiment of Foot
Ex- Spink & Sons Ltd., Auction 9033, November 2009, lot 2.
The Q.S.A. to Victoria Cross Recipient Private F. Fitzpatrick, 94th Foot and Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Mounted as Worn with a late 19th Century Victoria Cross named copy and Zulu War Medal.
Victoria Cross, a late 19th Century period copy, reverse of suspension bar engraved ´Private Francis Fitzpatrick 94th. Foot´, reverse of Cross engraved ´28th. Novr. 1879´
South Africa 1877-79, one clasp, 1879 (V.C. Pte. Francis Fitzpatrick. 94th. Foot.), contemporarily and competently renamed in large serif capitals, ´V.C.´ inscribed in Gothic script
Queen´s South Africa 1899-1902, two clasps, Cape Colony, South Africa 1902 (5268 Pte. F. Fitzpatrick. V.C. A. and S. Highrs:), ´V.C.´ officially inscribed in Gothic script, contact marks, generally nearly very fine, mounted as worn (3)

Victoria Cross. London Gazette 24.2.1880 Private Fitzpatrick, 94th Foot (listed jointly with Private Flawn, 94th Foot) ´In recognition of their gallant conduct during the attack on Sekukuni´s Town on the 28th November last, in carrying out of action Lieutenant Dewar, 1st Dragoon Guards, when badly wounded. At the time when he received his wound, Lieutenant Dewar had with him only Privates Flawn and Fitzpatrick, and six of the Native Contingent, and, being incapable of moving without assistance, the natives proceeded to carry him down the hill, when about thirty of the enemy appeared in pursuit about 40 yards in the rear, whereupon the men of the Native Contingent deserted Lieutenant Dewar, who must have been killed but for the devoted gallantry of Privates Flawn and Fitzpatrick, who carried him alternately, one covering the retreat and firing on the enemy.´

5268 Private Francis Fitzpatrick, V.C., born Tullycorbet, Co. Monaghan, Ireland, 1859; served with the 94th Foot during the Basuto War, November to December 1879, including the capture of Sekukuni´s Town, 28.11.1879 The Attack on Sekukuni´s Town In November 1879 a force of approximately 1400 Imperial troops from the 21st, 80th, and 94th Foot, some 800 Colonials, and several thousand native levies under the command of General Sir Garnet Wolseley was assembled to attack the reputedly impregnable stronghold of the Basuto Chief Sekukuni. At 6:00 a.m. on the 28th November they launched a three-pronged attack, with the 94th Foot in the centre. Wolseley gave permission for his Staff to join in the attack: ´The infantrymen with fixed bayonets charged. Thousands of knees pounding in unison had the sound of roaring surf. It seemed in harmony with the fusillades, the screams and yells, and the skirls of pipers - the very breath of battle. The pipers stood at the foot of the hill beating the ground with their feet while playing with fiendish energy´. Within three hours the whole town of approximately 3,000 huts had been captured; however, Sekukuni himself had managed to escape, although he was captured four days later. British casualties were 13 killed and 35 wounded. For their gallantry in saving the life of Lieutenant Dewar, Privates Flawn and Fitzpatrick were awarded the Victoria Cross, two of six given for the Basuto War. Both were presented with their Crosses by their Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel P.R. Anstruther, at Lydenburg, Transvaal, on the 17th September 1880. Fitzpatrick served throughout the 1st Boer War, 1880-81; he returned to England, 1882, and was discharged in May 1888. He later married a girl from Glasgow, and re-enlisted in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders for the 2nd Boer War. He died in Glasgow, July 1933, aged 73, and is buried an unmarked grave (NB. The grave now has a headstone) in St. Kentigern´s Cemetery, Glasgow. Private Fitzpatrick´s original Victoria Cross and South Africa 1877-79 medal were lost in action against the Boers at Bronkers Spruit in 1881, and an official replacement was sent out to him in June 1881. The original Cross was subsequently found in the effects of a soldier in his rifle company who had been killed, and returned to the recipient, with the replacement being returned to the War Office (various correspondence included with Lot refers). At some stage Private Fitzpatrick sold his original V.C pair, and it was later bought by Lieutenant-Colonel H.F.N. Jourdain, Connaught Rangers, at Sotheby´s for £42-0-0 on the 21st June 1906 [It is unlikely that Fitzpatrick was the vendor, as he probably sold the pair many years previously]. After selling his original group of two, he used to wear this second group of three on visits to the pubs in Belfast with his nephew, who after his death inherited them, and later sold them to a dealer in Belfast. His original Victoria Cross and South Africa 1877-79 medal are now held by the National Army Museum.

Code: 52216Price: 18000.00 GBP

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Wanted - LRDG, ILRS, PPA...
Wanted: Allied & Axis special forces units deployed in North Africa, the Aegean and Mediterranean theatres during 1939-1945 war, units such as: Long Range Desert Group, Indian Long Range Squadron, Popski’s Private Army, Libyan Arab Force, Layforce, Middle East Commando, Special Boat Squadron, Raiding Support Regiment, Special Air Service, Land Forces Adriatic, 2, 9 & 40 Commando, 2nd Independent Para Bde, Jugoslavia AOL, F Italian Recce, Nembo Regiment, Partisans, SOE, OSS, First Special Service Force. Italian Saharina Companies, Decima Mas, Falgore Paras, 288 Sonderverbande, Brandenburg, Sonderverbande Dora, Fallschirmjager, Kleinkamphverbande, etc.
Also from the 1914-1918 war: Imperial Camel Corps, Light Car Patrols, Hejaz Armoured Car Company, TE Lawrence, etc.
Badges, Uniform, Documents, Photographs, Medals, Special Equipment, etc., Anything considered…thank you

Code: 52217Price: On Request

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France 1880-1914. Infantry NCOs Kepi
French 49th Infantry Senior NCOs Kepi from 1880-1914.
Upper body and crown in fine quality red wool cloth, quartered by narrow blue piping. A base band on dark blue wool with hand sewn patch displaying the regiment number 49. A crescent shaped tarred and bound peak below a tarnished metallic chin strap. The interior lined in dark polished cotton, the sweatband part replaced.
Enlisted rank models have been seen for sale in excess of £500.00, this a fraction of the cost.
In heavily used condition.

Code: 52187Price: 185.00 GBP

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Germany 1914-1918. Submariner Badges and Photographs Group
Group of items to a U-Boat crewman comprising: U-Boat badge in gilt bronze, solid, maker marked Walter Schott Fec.; U-Boat Officer collar badge of a gilt wreath, anchor and crown W; U-Boat torpedoman patch embroidered in white with gold bullion wire; U-Boat Veterans badge of a bronze and enamel eagle with U; Nine postcard size photographs of U-Boats, crews, etc.
A superb group in very good condition

Code: 52192Price: 795.00 GBP

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M209-B Converter 1944
USA made encryption and decryption machine used during WWII by the Allies for immediate message coding (and decoding). Particularly used by commandos, rangers, parachute troops, and special forces including SOE, OSS, SAS, PPA and LRDG.
Cover plate with serial number 65825, CONVERTER M-209-B, 6919.PHILA.44. Contained in dark green canvas carry case with shoulder strap, manual, oil bottle, tweezers, clips, screwdriver, two spare paper rolls, and ink pad can.
In working order and in exceptionally good condition

Code: 52207Price: 895.00 GBP

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1914-1919 Trench Art Pom-Pom Shell
Complete inert German pom-pom brass shell casing and iron shell head. The casing hand decorated with floral design, ribbon with YPRES, shield with SOUVENIR OF THE GREAT WAR 1914-18. The base with original ordnance stamping of a flaming grenade, 37-85 PD.Ps 81 9 16. Height 16 cms.
In very good condition. UK sales only

Code: 52215Price: 65.00 GBP

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New Zealand 1914-1918. Onward Headdress Badge
Gilt brass with copper lugs. Fern leaves wreath with crown and NZ. The NZ Onward badge was first adopted during the First World War. It is wider than the WWII variety, being modelled on the First New Zealand Expeditionary Force badge.
In very good condition

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New Zealand. Royal Armoured Corps Headdress Badge
White metal badge with copper lugs. The New Zealand Armoured Corps was formed on March 29, 1944 from the nine Mounted Rifles Regiments and 18th, 19th, and 20th Battalions serving in Italy. The prefix Royal was granted on July 12, 1947.
In very good condition

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Desert Patrols, New Zealanders with the Long Range Desert Group by James Sanders
Published by Wilson and Horton Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand in 1976. Paper covers, 56 pages, photographs, maps, line drawings, Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards.
In good condition, rare

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Winged Dagger Adventures on Special Service by Roy Farran
Published by Collins, London in 1948. Linen covered covers, 384 pages, maps, photo of the painting of Roy Farran by Denis Fildes. One of Britains most decorated soldiers with Distinguished Service Order and three Military Crosses, 3rd Hussars and Special Air Service, serving in North Africa, Crete, and Italy. With newspaper cutting on the death of Farran aged 85 years.
Good reading copy, in fair condition

Code: 52208Price: 8.00 GBP

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